Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Overdue Holiday Pics

We headed up to Utah for a few weeks over the Holidays. We had such a great time. It was fun to see all the family and especially for my kids to see the cousins. Believe it or not Santa found us there and got my kids batman just like they asked.

The Quarter game at the Tullis Christmas Eve Party. Kevin took the cake at $27 in one handfull. I think he had been practicing. (Andrew has issues keeping eyes open durring pictures...i have no idea where he would get that :)

The cutest shephers I ever saw!

Chocolate Fountain= my boys heaven

Christmas Morning

New Years

My Little Stud

K so I know I have posted pictures of soccer before but lately our lives have been consumed with sports so here are some more! Between Andrew's soccer, Kevin's basketball, volleyball and raquetball our evenings and Saturdays are packed. It is a good think kevin is the coach cause he is super patient with the kids...me on the other hand...dont know if i should admit this but Andrew knocked a kid down going for the goal last week and started to help him up. Me, i just kept yelling "Go after the ball. Go after the ball." I didn't notice tell Kevin pointed out that he has crazy lady wife...lol. good times!

My little man talking trash...I mean Kevin's kid (he is always called that when he is naughty:) I wasn't able to catch my smoking hot man...aka Kevin... in action...maybe next time.