Thursday, November 19, 2009

Train Park!

We went to the train park with some friends yesterday. It was so much fun! Jack and Andrew loved the train ride and going on the carousel. There was also a real great playground that we played on for hours! My friend Kristy showed up with her awesome camera and amazing skills to get some real cute pictures of my boys! Thanks again! I love them!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Soccer has been a big part of our lives lately. We have practices, games and of course ANdrew thinks he is the stuff so he wants more and more practices. Jack thinks he is part of the team and is so so sad when he has to come off the field for the games. Kevin is the best coach. "The Monkeys" (who ever heard of the purple monkeys) are undefeated!


So now that it has been officially WAY too long since the last post I am going to update.

Life is great here...the back is coming along, thank heavens. We had a fun last few weeks filled with a whole bunch of parties and way way too many sweets. Too much good food and being sedentary for the last few months doesn't mix :) so the majority of these pics are of my darling boys. I finally got the okay to workout and lift my boys so we are loving life once again.

My cute Kevin has done so so much the last few months. He has been Mr. Mom and them some and I so appreciate it. We have also had so much help from friends and family! Thanks again for all the help and prayers!

Saturday, September 05, 2009


We have been a bit crazy the last little bit...hence no blogging. I have been having a bunch of trouble with my back. I finally went in about a week ago to the emergency room and went straight into surgery. Things are going okay. The recovery has been long and slow but I will be fine with it if it will help my back situation. My mom has been here for a few weeks and my sister comes next week and then once I can sit longer I will head up to Utah for a bit. People have been so helpfull. We have had so many people want to help with anything and everything from helping with me, my boys, to yummy dinners for my sweetheart! You are all the best. Thanks! Oh Ya and I will blog some more when I can actually sit down.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Diamondbacks Game

We headed to an Arizona Diamondbacks Game. We had a great time...especially because it was inside and airconditioned. First we found a fun New York style Pizzaria and then headed to the game. Andrew wanted every move of the game narrarated but that's okay we had a great time! (woof, horrible picture but it was the only one
with me in it.)


After Salt Lake we headed down to Powell with my family. Nothin like 21 people on one about becoming closer. No, we were in heaven. Andrew loved trying just about anything and it was a fight to get him out of the water. We got some before and after pictures of him knee boarding and the before one was super cute with a big thumbs up and after he flipped me I didn't make him go he had a great time. hahaha I laugh just thinking about it. Anyway, we might head back down in September to enjoy the not so hot weather. Love this place!!!


While in Salt Lake we headed to the Aquarium with Ali and Siri. We had the best time. Jack and Andrew were super brave and wanted to touch everything...even went for the stingrays. It was great!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Children's Museum at Discovery Gateway

We love the Salt Lake Children't Museum. We used to have a pass and used it all the time. Now that we aren't around we mooch off others to get us in free. Thanks Tiff! We had the best time!!!

Park City

One of my favorite places in Utah is Park City. We always have the best time when we head up that way. We had fun shopping, going down the Alpine Slides, and of course lunch on Main Street. Jack and Andrew both loved the slides but just about gave my mom a heart attack on the chair lift...I was laughing so hard I almost wet my pants.

One little side note...if you pay up the wazoo to go on the slides don't you think they could shuttle your little sled thing to the top of the slide for you. It was a bit tricky to get the sled and two little boys to the right place.

Oquirrah Mountain Temple Openhouse

We couldn't pass up a chance to go take a look at the new temple in South Jordan. It is so amazing.

Heritage Pioneer Park

While in Salt Lake we headed to Heritage Pioneer Park. I had never been and it was so much fun. I thought it might be geared towards older kids but my kids loved it. They got to ride on trains, visit the petting zoo, ride horses, make arrowhead neclaces, and much more. If anyone needs a fun activity I would head there for sure!