Friday, March 20, 2009

The Zoo

We had a fun day at the Zoo! It was great weather...not too hot and not too cold. This was awesome because the animals were really active. We had a great time as always...minus the fight with his cousin about which giraffe was whos best friend.

The Aquarium

So a little while ago we headed to the Aquarium with Katie, Lucy, Siri and Ali. We had the best time!!! They had some cool displays with crazy fish, eels, and a nasty octopus. Andrew was a champ and was up for touching everything. He got to touch everything from Stingrays to Crabs to Starfish. The best part...he was FREE and I got a year pass for $16...I did say $16. It was awesome!! (Notice the Marti Gras beads that Andrew refused to take it!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Andrew's Birthday Party

So last Thursday we had a birthday party for Andrew. We had a CARS Party and it turned out to be a bunch of fun. We had car races, a race track cake, fun car party favors, medals, awesome gifts from his friends, a piniata, a tire toss and of course tatoos. The majority of the time Andrew had a great time...until his whole rash/ illergic reaction started. All I have to say is thank heavens I didn't have to call 12 mothers and tell them their kids might get sick. I hope all the kids had a great time because it was a blast to plan...I decided the parties are more for me anyway. I have already started thinking about Jacks which will be in about 6 months. My husband just laughs at me. O-well I love it!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Natural History Museum at the University

The Natural History Museum up at the University of Utah is free on the first Monday of every month. We went today and had the best time. They have awesome bug, dinosaur, and animal exhibits. We didn't get through all the museum today but we will for sure be back next month!

Digging for Dino Bones!

Breakfast With Friends

Jhordan was in town this last week so some of us went to breakfast at the Original Pancake House. I had never been there but I would highly recommend it! While everyone enjoyed a relaxing breakfast I got to deal with two cranky kids throwing things everywhere and having fits. They joys of having a husband who works on Saturday.

PS If you ever want to talk to me...breakfast with the kids is apparently not the best way for that to happen. CALL ME :)