Monday, October 25, 2010


K so apparently if you think your password and sign in don't work anymore...let your husband give it a try...of course it will work without a hitch!

For my birthday I got a new camera which I am so so excited about!...which also means cute cute pictures!

We had a great summer...spent some time in Salt Lake, St. George and melting here in Arizona... We are expecting a baby boy in January which we are so excited about!

Jack just had a birthday and turned 3! My Mom visited and we had one big party. We are so sad to see her leave tomorrow.

Other than that same old same old...except for the fact that I now know how to update our blog so I can update a little sooner than every 6 months!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fun Times

I have a bunch of random cute pictures that I am sure the Grandma in Utah would enjoy!
We have had a few late nights with friends!

We had a fun time going to this big festival here...Touch A Truck! The boys loved climbing in and out of all the trucks and of course honking the horn!

While on a trip back from Mexico Grandma Trish had a layover and so we got to see her for a couple of days. She got the boys new bikes! We were so so glad we got to see her but her trips never seem to be long enough!

More Soccer...Oh how Andrew has loved it...and this time his buddy Max was on his team

Grandma Trish is so nice to send us packages...the boys carried those brown bears around for weeks and they love to dress up in their tool aprons.

It is always a party in Mom and Dad's bed.

St. Patricks Day

The Leprechaun's found us! They left little footprints coming in our house...

then they died our milk green...

continued on their way until...

They found the perfect place for their pot of gold!

I Spy A 4 Year Old Guy

Our Andrew turned four in March and we seemed to have party after party for him. Kevin thinks I go overboard but I love any reason to celebrate.

He has so many friends out here so we had a big friend party "I Spy a 4 year old Guy" His new favorite things are his "i spy" books so we had games and favors and a fun cake...all "I SPY"

We had to go get some dinner at Andrew's favorite eating place Peter Pipper Pizza

We had a family party at Grandma "Lene's" House with all the cousins.

It was a fun week and busy week for sure! Andrew is so so fun and is so excited about life and learning anything and everything!

Give a Day Get a Day

For Kevin's Spring Break we took off to the Happiest Place on Earth...Disneyland! We went with our awesome friends the Bowermans and had a blast. We did the whole Give A Day Get A Day program so we were able to get in free after giving a day of service. Jack and Andrew loved loved loved it and were such great sports about going on the rides Kevin forced them on. The favorite was definitely the Buzz Lightyear ride. While in California we were able to do Newport Beach and Balboa Island. It was a bit cold but it didn't stop the kids from wanting to jump the waves. It was a much needed break and we were so sad to come back to reality!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Overdue Holiday Pics

We headed up to Utah for a few weeks over the Holidays. We had such a great time. It was fun to see all the family and especially for my kids to see the cousins. Believe it or not Santa found us there and got my kids batman just like they asked.

The Quarter game at the Tullis Christmas Eve Party. Kevin took the cake at $27 in one handfull. I think he had been practicing. (Andrew has issues keeping eyes open durring pictures...i have no idea where he would get that :)

The cutest shephers I ever saw!

Chocolate Fountain= my boys heaven

Christmas Morning

New Years