Sunday, November 04, 2007

Family Pictures

We were able to get some family pictures taken. Here are a couple and if you are interrested in seeing more you can go to

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Arrival

Our little guy has arrived! We are so excited. I went in last friday to be induced and had him about 2;30 that afternoon. He weighed 8 lbs even and was 22 and a half inches long and had a 34 cm head. Andrew was just an ounce smaller but had a larger head so we were thrilled that his was smaller. We named him Jackson David Hinton. We got home from the hospital on sunday and we are now just trying to get used to having 2 kids and getting very little sleep. Life is great and we are so excited Jackson has arrived safe and sound.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome, Baby Jackson!

At 2:43 in the afternoon on October 19th, 2007 Jackson was born. He weighed in at 8 pounds and he was 22.5 inches long. Thankfully, he had a smaller head than Andrew, but there was still plenty of pain involved. Jackson is pretty much the cutest thing that anyone has ever seen (maybe a tie with Andrew).

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This summer has been so much fun for us. I have been a horrible blogger so I have decided to fill you all in. We have been crazy trying to do everything from Lake Powel to Camping to the County Fair to bike riding and of course everything in between. We have loved every second of it.
One interresting thing was that I opened the newspaper today and noticed that children under the age of 5 are not allowed in public swimming pools because of something being spread around. Well pretty sure we got it. They said that small children and pregnant woman are most likely to get it. Andrew was sick for awhile and had to be tested. We just assumed it was from Lake Powell but little did we know it was from the local pool. Funny hu?
We have been able to spend some time with friends who have come in town. It sure does make us miss them and glad we got to spend some time with them.
We are doing great and are excited for this new adventure of another baby. We still have so many things to fit in before he comes. Next weekend we are going camping again and then waterskiing...okay so being about 8 months prego and trying to camp is a bit hard but worth it for sure when I see how much fun Andrew has. We are also trying to fit in some other fun things so we need this baby to stay in for a little bit.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lake Powell!!!!

I think my favorite place in the whole world is Lake Powell. We were able to go down and enjoy the warm weather last week. Of course skiing and wakeboarding seemed to be more tempting than ever since I was not able to do anything. I was able to make some great sand castles. No I can't complain I mean I was in Lake Powell.

Andrew loved everything about the trip. He even enjoyed the StingRay (A big tube puled behind the boat) He scares me a bit because he has no fear. He thinks it is so much fun to jump in and go under the water and make me panic. Thank goodness for lifejackets hu?

We had a great time. I did get a bit dehydrated and ended up in the hospital the night we got home. All is well now and we are gearing up for our next adventure to Powell.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We have had an amazing summer thus far. I am getting fat and I am happy as ever. I am about 22 weeks and the time is just flying and our little baby boy will be here sooner than we think. We are swimming all the time and just enjoy being outside. Andrew is our little fish and will find water wherever he can. He also enjoys all of his many friends. He is now playing with the kids rather than just playing next to them. We have been on the go like crazy so my blogs have been few and far between but life is good and we are all healthy and happy.

Finally Pics of the Cruise

So I finally got around to posting pictures of our cruise. We had such a great time and would love to do it all over again. Anyway here they are.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Disney Cruise

Last week we went on a Disney Cruise. We had such a blast and were sad when we had to come back to real life. We visited Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Florida Keys and their Island call Castaway Cay. Andrew loved the beach and couldn't get enough of Mickey Mouse. Although he loved so many of the fun things we were able to do, the thing he loved the most was the elevators. The buttons were low enough so he could push it and then wait for them to come. We were close to loosing him a few times but luckily Kevin is quick on his feet. We went with my whole family which was so much fun because there were 28 of us. It was chaos like always but we wouldn't want it any other way. For some reason blogger isn't wanting to load our pictures so there will be pictures coming.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Andrew is 1

My baby boy is one year old yesterday. I can't believe it. He has brought so much joy and love into our lives. We love him so much. We had a fun family birthday party. Since Andrew loves balls we let him dive into a basketball cake and the rest of the crew got ball cupcakes. We also had pizza and some ball games to play and then everyone got to take home a bouncy ball and some bubbles. He had so much fun although he didn't really like his cake too much. Time goes so fast I can't believe it. I love you Andrew! Happy Birthday...yesterday

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Winter has finally gone....I hope

We have had such a wonderful winter but I am so ready for it to be over. I am ready for spring. Andrew just begs to go outside and it is a bit hard when everything is covered with snow and it is way too cold to be outside for very long. Today was great and I hope there are just warmer days to come.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

10 things you may not know about Kevin

I know we have seen these lists a lot but Kevin is here with me and we thought since many of you don't know him really well this could be fun.

1. I like the color green
2. I started college on a singing scholorship
3. I enjoy cooking, but not doing the dishes
4. I built my own computer
5. I like to build furniture
6. I was voted biggest flirt in High school (I know I seem quiet)
7. I am a recent tennis addict
8. I grew up in Mesa but it was as if I grew up on a farm, milking cows and feeding chickens
9. I have bad knees. I have already had two surgeries on my knees
10. I really like making and editing videos

Friday, January 26, 2007

Becoming Your Parents !!!!

It is strange when you realize you are becoming your parents. Many of my friends have always told me that I will be just like my mom but I never really believed them until now. I see traits from both of my parents coming through. Some funny things I have begun to do like my parents include...
*After 10:00pm I get a bit goofy, thanks to trish
* I am paranoid about money, thanks to rog
*I make up the most random songs for andrew just like I always made fun of my mom for doing
*I express my love for everything and everyone almost to a fault just like my dad always did

Of course I could continue naming them off one by one but I will end there.

Maybe I should be scared or worried but I think more than anything I am greatful because my parents are some of the greatest people I have ever known. I actually hope I continue to be more and more like them.

I love you guys!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Signs of Momhood

Being a mom is amazing. You don't understand until you have been there. I love my husband more than ever but my love for my baby is different. I would do anything for him. Even act like a goof. Your life completely changes when they arrive. Some might think it is a burden but I love every second of it. These are some signs of momhood I have experienced,

1. You start offering to cut up other peoples food
2. I play peek-a-boo in the middle of the grocery store
3. You only have time to shave one leg.
4. You get excited about the word Ball
5. Your child thrws up and you catch it.
6. You count the sprinkles on a cupcake to make sure they are equal. ( not experienced with my own kid but have with nieces and nephews)
7. You take a portable potty everywhere since it is the only one they will use. (again with nieces and nephews)
8. You get excited over had been awhile since the last one if you know what i mean.
9. When someone elses kid screams in an airplane for an hour and a half it doesn't even phase you.
10. The song stuck in your head while you fall asleep is the ABC's
11. You can be mad as ever at them but as soon as you see them sleep you forget anything that ever made you mad.

Balls, Balls, Balls

Okay, so andrew officially said his first word today. I mean he always sits and chats away to himself saying mamama and dadada but hasn't clicked what they mean.
Andrew and I were playing pass and I asked him to pass me the ball. He then said it. I was so excited and made a big deal about it so for the rest of the day he continued to say it whenever he saw a ball. The little things that make you excited hu?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Okay so I am jumping on the bandwagon. It was so much fun to read other comments on their blogs so I decided to do it on mine as well.

1. I want a lot of kids
2. I am going on a cruise in May
3. I met my husband in Vienna, Austria
4. I don't like cats
5. I hate when my husband wears socks to bed...I know I am weird.
6. I like to clean, once again I am weird
7. I love to cook.
8. I really want to go to Wimbledon, the US Open would also do.
9. My favorite place I have traveled to is Italy. (Venice or Sorrento)
10. I don't have any idea where I will be living in 8 months and I think it is exciting.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Better Late Than Never

We had such a great Christmas season. We were able to see Santa. Many of the other cousins didn't like him too much but Andrew thought he was real cool with a fun beard. We celebrated Christmas Eve with all the cousins playing the quarter game, bingo, having a great program full of lots of singing and playing instruments, and eating lots of treats. We were lucky to have the Murry family and one of the many Tullis families there to sleep over. Collin and Andrew ended up having the same Christmas PJ's. Andrew had so much fun on Christmas morning. He didn't understand why Kevin and I woke him up at 6 in the morning but once he saw his toys that Santa brought him then he was okay. So anyway, Merry Christmas......just a bit too late.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mazie Isabella Tullis

Andrew is pleased to announce the arrival of his cousin Mazie Isabella Tullis. We are so excited to finally get her here safe and sound. Anne was on bed rest for a few weeks to keep that baby in a bit longer and it worked. It was so fun to have them around and get to see so much of Collin. It is even more fun to have this cute baby in our family. She has so much hair. It is so thick you can't even see her scalp. But I guess it is okay because she did agree to give Andrew her secrets. Congrats Adam and Anne we love you!