Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Boys

We headed to the park last night after picking up 30 cent tacos and had a picnic. We had a great time in the 105 degree weather...what was I thinking? It was overcast so I thought it might be managable. We had fun attempting to play soccer, swinging and sweating our brains out! Next time we might just head to the pool again.

Andrew after "making mud" I swear this kid is on a timer. As soon as we make it to this park he has to go to the bathroom.

The Swings...Andrew looks huge for that swing but they just love them.

Andrew with his bright red face all the time. It is not a sunburn mom...i do put block on him. He was just very hot after running around.

Jack was happy as long as he was holding the ball. We tried to play soccer but jack would not have it...funny kid did not want to share.

Jack's new attempt at a cheeser.

So my blog is going to be a bit different because we have moved. My family in Salt Lake wants a lot of pictures so when there is nothing else to blog today, we will be posting pictures of the boys. Of course never good ones since it is like pulling teeth to get them to look at me and be cute. Anyway, llife is good and other than a great photographer (aka Mark:bring ali too) and Grandma Trish we couldn't ask for more.

Monday, June 22, 2009


We are alive...and having a great time here in AZ. It took a little bit to get settled and get the internet. We are finally in and really liking it. It seems like there is so much to do here. We have a pool and passes to a fun Childrens Museum. Our ward here does a ton of groups and clubs so we are also busy with those. The library here is amazing. They do activities almost every day and have culture passes that get us into different things around the city. We love it all. It has also been fun to be close to Kevin's family and we have had a chance to see a lot of them. We do really miss the Tullis family and especially Grandma Trish. My kids cry for her and are "saving" her bed just for her. We are excited to see her in just about a week in St. George. The Genius that I am has not taken any pictures so I will get on that now that I know where my camera is. We are doing great and hopefully pics coming soon.