Saturday, February 28, 2009

25 Randoms

I did this on facebook but some of you don't do facebook so I decided to post it here to. You know how it it goes.

1. I met my husband in Europe on a study abroad...they said no dating- Woops.
2. I love love love buttermints over like any other dessert ever.
3. In the first grade I had a bully and pretended to be sick on and off for like 2 weeks- never quite recovered :)
4. I am the current Iron Chef Champion.
5. I have been blessed with the two cuttest boys in the entire world.
6. When I was prego I really wanted to eat dirt.
7. I really don't like running that much but the high I get after is worth it.
8. Last week I was told two times that I look like I did back in highschool. Sad- I thought I had moved on.
9. Best place to eat hands down is Olive Garden!!!
10. Give me any place to vacation and Lake Powel would be at the top of the list. I told kevin that it is more important to have a boat then furniture for our house and I 100% believe it!
11. I really like tennis
12. I am sad to announce that I used to clog...yes I did say clog.
13. I play the guitar. I used to go play at an old folks home with a friend...maybe we went there because they couldn't hear the music so they thought we were great!
14. My Dad got skin cancer and now I am paranoid about the sun...yes that is why I am pasty white.
15. I used to pitch for a boys/girls fast pitch baseball team (if I ever pitched to day the batter better watch out)
16. I love paintballing
17. I graduated from BYU in Public Health and worked at the Health Department in Safe Kids (the best job ever because I just got to play all day)
18. I hate this thing because I can't come up with 25. I am really not that interresting.
19. Kevin is applying to Pharm D progarms and it looks like we may be moving across the country to Virgina.
20. I can't quite cut the umbilical family is the coolest!
21. I really like to read but I start ignoring my husband and kids so I have to pace myself with my books.
22. I wish I knew how to take a good picture. All my pictures have horrible lighting or someones head is missing. I need to go to a class...that would be cool.
23. I have lived in Utah my whole life but have only gone snowboarding or skiing a handfull of times.
24. I love Christmas. The music needs to start the first of November.
25. In the summer we live outside...the dirtier the better.

Whoever feels like doing it, go for wasn't so bad :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

On Mondays we do a playgroup with some of my friends from high school and their kids that are Andrews age. This week we decided to go to the Draper Temple Open house. We had so much fun. Andrew was so excited to go inside since he never gets to. He especially loved the baptismal font and the amazing chandelier in the ceiling room. While we were inside I tried to talk to him about the spirit and about the warm fuzzy feeling we get inside that lets us know this gospel it true. He said "Mommy I think I am feeling the fuzzy feeling right now." Cute kid! I hope he remembers!

Frisbee Golf

We had to take advantage of the amazing weather last Saturday so we headed to a park for some frisbee golf and some playground action. We had a blast...we always do when daddy is around. I don't know if I have ever missed nice weather as much as I do this year. I can't wait for spring!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Iron Chef Cook Off

I never posted pictures of our amazing Iron Chef competition. For those of you who don't know what it is we had a cook off. We ended up winning but only out of default. Both of us had great entrees but totally bombed the desserts. It is just not right...having two amazing meals and nothing great for dessert.
Our Judge digging in

Our Dinner- Chimmychanga's with beans homemade salsa and a yummy Mexican cheesecake dip

Thackeray's dinner- Yummy spicy beef (really so great)

Our dessert- Layered peanut butter and jelly parfait...aka dog food (sorry babe)

Thackeray's Dinner- Sweet Potato Balls

Friday, February 13, 2009

This Is Love

Since my Dad is no longer here to buy my Mom flowers, he told me to make sure and get something great for every possible occasion. These came for her today almost seven years after he died. I want my love to last like that....through the eternities. I love my dad for the way he loves my mom.

Happy Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I have been a total slacker when it comes to blogging. It is sad to because we have done so many fun things. Not that anyone really cares too much but for the sake of looking back here is what we have been up to...

*St George with the Thackary's and the Anderson's
*Playing at the Sand Dunes
*Story time
*Kangaroo Zoo
*Discovery Museum
*Finally beginning to run outside again after a nasty few inversion days...and I know more to come-RAW
*Music Class
*Playgroups with fun new friends
*Couples dinners with friends
*Game nights
*Moved back home to our apt. because my mom's hip is healing!!!

Anyway, we have had a blast. Hopefully I will be much better about updating because seriously it is so much fun to look back and all the things we do. When I think about blogging I take much better pictures too. (I took one picture in George...sad)